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Biologic Sanitary / Nappy Bin Fresh Sachet

  • Granule Cartridges for inner Lid of Sanitary Bin
  • Delivering a powerful, clean scent these fresh guard sachets are perfect for nappy bins and sanitary disposal units within washrooms and baby changing facilities.
  • A dry formulation for biological control of odours associated with solid wastes contained in sealed sanitary & nappy bins.
  • Using this product within sani bin / nappy disposal units reduces foul odours for up to 60 days. Each pack of 180 sachets has a 1 year shelf life. Some Sani / nappy disposal bins include a unique clip under the lid which the sachet can be clipped to aiding odour control.
  • Material:Granules
  • Colour: Brown
  • Feature:Use one freshguard sachet per sealed bin with a capacity between 10 litre or 20 litre. For larger bins, use several sachets. Each sachet will remain effective for up to 4 weeks during use. Sachets are sealed and are not to be opened at any time.
  • Capacity:180 p/p
  • Ships With:pack of 180 sachets

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